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The Computer Store 1 Year WarrantyWarranty

1 Year Warranty for your PC or Laptop - $100

3 Year Warranty for you PC - $300

If you have a Laptop, Desktop you just purchased or are thinking about purchasing that comes with a 1 year warranty (like most Desktops and Laptops) by a major manufacturer, then bring the computer in to register for a Computer Store 1 year warranty.  Hundreds of warranties have been fulfilled and is a top selling service.

With our warranty services we will...

  • Establish your warranty.

  • Transfer your data from your old pc to your new pc.
  • Help you get your programs installed.
  • We will fix most computer software problems except viruses for the year.
  • Package and ship out your machine if it needs to be sent to the manufacturer.

  • Keep in contact with the technician in charge of your work order if the machine is sent out.

  • Check the product to make sure the item is repaired correctly.

  • Then we will contact you when the repair is completed.
Manufacturer Warranty Support
Also if your computer is under warranty we can establish a warranty for you and ship the computer to the manufacturer for you for a fee of $50 plus shipping.