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Store Policy
The Computer Store is not responsible for tech support on parts purchased. Labor is non-refundable. Also there are no returns on special orders, software or used parts. All repairs carry a 30 day warranty. Ink refills carry a 100% money back guarantee if the refill is not to satisfaction. Persons with a bounced check will be charged a $25.00 fee. By accepting the purchased items you agree and are bound to these terms.

Return Policy
All new items in the store carry a 30 return policy and must be accompanied by a receipt Except used items. Item must be complete and ready for resale. Any return can be refused at any time. No Returns or Exchanges on Processors and Motherboards, Manufacturer warranty only. Labor is non-refundable. Also there are no returns on special orders, software or used parts. Ink refills carry a 100% money back guarantee if the refill is not to satisfaction. Defective items may be returned within 30 days of purchase, otherwise customer must go through manufacturer. No returns on physically damaged items, (ex. cracked LCD's, scratched cases etc...)

Used Warranty
All used machines or parts carry a 7 day only warranty accompanied by a Computer Store receipt. Used parts and systems may have defects or missing items. Open box items carry the same warranty as used items. No returns exchanges or refunds on used items after 7 days.

Layaway Policy
Layaways must be picked up by 120 days or the item will be sold to recover costs. Also a 20% down payment must be made at the time of layaway. Layaway warranty's begin on the starting day of the layaway. Customer must have the original layaway slip in order to pick up the items or have proof of ownership.

New System Warranty
Dell Laptops and Desktops come with a The Computer Store 1 year carry-in warranty and 1 year Dell mail-in warranty. The Computer Store does not warranty software such as virus removal or Software support for programs or games purchased from The Computer Store or elsewhere. Also we do not warranty systems or peripherals with physical damage or damage due to neglect. Internet connection problems are the responsibility of the internet provider. We are not responsible for teaching the purchaser how to use the computer or operate the operating system. New systems purchased here built by The Computer Store carry a 30 day to 1 year warranty depending on the agreement. LCD's purchased will system are only warranted if they are still under warranty with the manufacturer.

Specials Orders
All special order are paid in full at the time of purchase and will be notified when the merchandise arrives. Any cancelled orders occurs a 25% restocking fee.

Repair / Onsite Agreement
I give permission to THE COMPUTER STORE to service my computer and/or equipment as required. I will not hold THE COMPUTER STORE responsible for any data lost on my hard drive or any other source during servicing. THE COMPUTER STORE is not responsible for failure of any software or hardware during servicing. I understand that problems during servicing could arise and are not the fault of THE COMPUTER STORE or its technicians, but are coincidental and could surface when a previous problem is corrected. I give permission to THE COMPUTER STORE to reformat my storage media if the technician finds that to be the appropriate action required. I acknowledge that all data will be lost if such an event occurs including software such as Microsoft Office and any personal files. I understand that THE COMPUTER STORE is not the manufacturer of my equipment or Software and hereby disclaims all representations of warranties implied, written or orally presented in connection with equipment or service. In no event will THE COMPUTER STORE be liable for any incidental or consequential damages even if THE COMPUTER STORE has been advised of the possibility of such damages. I agree to notify THE COMPUTER STORE within 30 days of service of any problems to my equipment and/or software. If THE COMPUTER STORE is unable to correct the problem(s), the liability of THE COMPUTER STORE shall not exceed the charges paid by me to THE COMPUTER STORE for the product or service causing the actual damages. THE COMPUTER STORE is not a network provider and we do not support, maintain, setup or repair networks. THE COMPUTER STORE is not responsible for any network connection that is lost due to installation or re-installation of hardware or software.  Items left at the computer store after 30 days of repair completion will be sold to recover lost service costs.  Storage fees will apply 30 days after completion at $2 per day if picked up before device is salvaged.

Modified: 01-19-2014 11:24pm