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Onsite Repair Pricing

Business Onsite Hourly
Price is for 1 hour of service at your business.  after the first hour it is $20 for every 15 minutes.  There is a one hour minimum.  Trip charges may apply.
$80.00 hour / $20 every 15 minutes thereafter

Wired/Wireless Router Install
Price includes Install of a standard residential router. The install of one wireless card in either a Laptop, or Desktop and connecting up to four computers to the internet through the router. Allow up to 3 days for scheduling.
$80.00 flat rate

Home Networking
Connecting to internet, sharing files, sharing printers and connecting to databases, and many other services. Allow up to 3 days for scheduling.
$80.00 hour

Repair pick-up and/or drop-off
Prices Include picking-up and/or dropping off finished repair. unhooking and re-hooking up the repaired item if necessary. Not responsible for Internet, or peripheral installation unless you choose the two way option upon pick-up. Price is for 5 miles or less. Allow up to 3 days for scheduling.

One Way
within 10 miles or less from the store

Two Ways
within 10 miles or less from the store

Virus Removal
Price includes removal of all viruses detected. Does not guarantee complete removal. Free antivirus will be provided if there is none in place. Price does not include, networking other machines or Backing up data. Other restrictions may apply. Allow up to 3 days for scheduling.

Wouldn't recommend unless absolutely necessary.
Estimated at least 3 hours for complete removal.
Instead try our pick-up / Drop-off Service

$80.00  Hour

Software installation
Price includes installation of one chosen software title (excluding database software or multi-user software) with a brief tutorial on basic use. Restrictions may apply. Allow up to 3 Days for scheduling.
$80.00 hour

Data Backup
We come to you and backup your data. Price includes 4.7gb of easily accessible data backing up My Documents folder, Office files, Outlook, Address Book, Pictures. May needed to be repaired at the shop and occur additional fees. Fee is non-deductible.
$80.00 Hour

Service Contracts
We offer an 14 Hour Service Contract for onsite services. The contract must be paid in full to become effective. When service is needed we will make an appointment within the next 24 hours. If immediate service is required an appointment for within 4 hours will be arranged, every 1/2hr is billed as 1 hour off the contract during emergency calls. Hardware not included. Trip charges may apply.

New Computer Installation
We offer at home installation on new computers purchased from The Computer Store at a flat rate. We will also hook up one printer, one device and your internet connection. Tell us upon purchase of your new computer.
Only for customers within 5 miles of The Computer Store.