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What is BGA Reworking?Desktop

Bga Reworking is the art of either reflowing the solder on surface mount BGA chipsets, reballing BGA chipsets with new solder to replace low quality factory solder with better solder, or replacing BGA chipsets.

Why would I want to do that?

Replacing Motherboards/Logicboards are pricey costing hundreds of dollars. But there is more than one reason reworking a motherboard is recommended. 

Buying a motherboard sometimes is not even and option.  When it comes to the XBOX 360 and Playstation 3 consoles the logicboard is paired up with the disc drive so you would have to replace both of them to get the system functioning.  Also some game saves are not able to recovered any other way. 

In the case of laptops you can't replace the motherboard with a different board so uf the system has known issues with motherboards, sometimes replacing the motherboard with a new one it could have the same defect that the board that was just replaced had and failure is immenant.  Reworking motherboards have a longer lifespan.

How Much does it cost?

Cost varies from system to system but here a some examples

Playstation 3 Reflow - $79
Playstation 3 Reball - $99
Playstation 3 Chip Replacement - $129

XBOX 360 Reflow - $59
XBOX 360 Reball - $79
XBOX 360 Chip Replacement - $99

Most Laptop Motherboard Reflows - $79
Most Laptop Motherboard Reballs - $129
Most Laptop Motherboard Chip Replacements - $179

Most Desktop Motherboard Reflows - $59
Most Desktop Motherboard Reballs - $99
Most Desktop Motherboard Chip Replacements - $129