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The Computer Store was established in Oct. 2006 and is focused towards Desktop, Laptop, Apple, and console repairs and sales. We perform upgrades and repairs on ALL makes and models of PC's and Macintosh based systems. We diagnose immediately, and normally complete repairs within 24 hours. We use cutting-edge equipment to ensure accuracy in our services and are open 6 Days a week for your convenience. Our service technicians are experienced Microsoft Certified Professionals, so you can be sure your equipment is in good hands.

We are one of the only companies locally that offer iPhone, iPod, and iPad glass replacement.  We also offer on the spot service for iPhones!  We stock all Apple glass to make turnaround times fast as possible.

The atmosphere is Clean, Child Friendly, and Inviting. We have a computer to occupy children while you speak with a technician.

We stock many parts including glass for all your Apple products. We can customize Desktops to personalize your computing experience, and make your everyday tasks much easier. We sell high quality products by well known manufacturer's, which means your system parts last longer than Original Equipment Manufactured PC's. If you would like brand name desktops or laptops we are a DELL official partner. Get DELL computers with local service and support. We are also partners with, Western Digital, Corsair, Symantec, Avast, Microsoft, ASUS and more.  Stop by today for a system quote.

We also offer an Ink refill service while you wait at less than HALF the price it retails for! Save money and the planet by refilling ink. Did you know that we use over 400 million gallons of oil manufacturing ink each year and also it takes 450 years for them to decompose in the landfill. We refill 80% of ink cartridges on the market today.

Have a business and need someone to come to your house? Call to schedule an appointment. Please give us 3 day lead time on scheduling or Ask for an Express appointment we'll be glad to help.

Do you have a failed hard drive with all your pictures on it with no backup? Luckily The Computer Store is here to help. 50% of the time we will be able to recover your files within 24 hours.  We are also partnered with the best Data Recovery companies in the area so your data local and not shipped across the country for further disk damage.  The drive are picked up from our shop and dropped back off.

How about a gaming consoles? We repair gaming consoles with a 80% success rate. With the price of consoles today up to $700, it is cost effective to have them fixed, not to mention all the hours of game saves on the console.  With the addition of our BGA Rework Station we can now repair even more issues with a higher success rate.

Do you need something faxed or copies made? We have you covered, stop by and get faxes and black & white copies while you are waiting. All our copies are high quality not those copies with streaks and breaks.  This is a service for the community.  Other repair shops don't want to deal with the extra work, we welcome it since we are filling a hole and servicing our community.

 If you want great customer service like what you would have received 50 years ago, personal service and a wealth of cutting edge services that no other store offers then stop by today and see why our customer base expands daily.

Over 18,000 customers in a 7 years and growing.